Do you know how to make yourself resilient? Do you know how to create and maintain a resilient organization? I do, and can show you, your employees, your partners, vendors, all of those around you how to draw on a well of resilience that exists in each of us. Resilience will empower you, your organization, your employees and those around you to thrive even when you think that’s impossible.

Resilience will also prepare you for that moment that most people believe will never come – that moment, either personally or professionally, when resilience is the only thing that will bring out the other side a stronger, better leader, person, organization.

Let’s talk about you and your organization and how to be resilient.

Michael's Views on Resilience


Global Crisis Management

During his tenure in the Bush Administration Michael served as a representative to NATO's Civil Emergency Planning Committee and worked on various matters in Russia, the European Union and its member nations, and throughout Southeast Asia.

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A Unique Perspective

Michael Brown served as the first Under Secretary of Homeland Security for President George W. Bush from 2003-2005, and as the Director, Deputy Director and General Counsel, Federal Emergency Management Agency, from 2001-2005. He was a member of the White House Consequence Management Committee, comprised of cabinet deputies, following the attacks of 9/11.


Deadly Indifference

Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Brown — infamously praised by President George W. Bush for doing a "heckuva job" in the wake of Hurricane Katrina — tells his side of the response to one of the greatest natural disasters to occur in the United States. Without making excuses for anyone, least of all the President of the United States or himself, Brown describes in detail what ultimately turned out to be the largest federal response to a natural disaster in U.S. history.

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