Trump: I Like The Obamacare Mandate

The most unpopular part of Obamacare now has a champion in the Republican presidential field. On numerous occasions Donald Trump has said to rallies and interviewers that when it comes to healthcare "everyone" should be covered.  I have long believed that Donald Trump is a progressive Republican who believes the full power of the federal government should be used to force people to have healthcare coverage.

Donald Trump has now confirmed not only that he is a progressive, big-government Republican with little regard to individual liberty and personal freedom, but that he is, indeed, a Republican version of Barack Obama.  

Thursday night Donald Trump was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “If…there’s no mandate for everybody to have insurance, what’s to—why would an insurance company not have a preexisting—insure somebody with a preexisting condition?” Trump replied, “Well, I like the mandate. Okay, so here’s where I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying on the streets. And I say this all the time.”

None of us want people dying on the street.  And in America, nobody does unless it's a gangbanger shootout.  Hospitals are prohibited by federal law from refusing to provide emergency medical services to anyone.  So his straw man argument about not wanting people to die on the streets is a diversion from what he really means.

Donald Trump supports the Obamacare mandate.  

The very worst part of Obamacare - the federal government forcing sovereign United States citizens to purchase a private product - is a cornerstone of Donald Trump's political ideology (if he even has a political ideology). 

The proof is there for all to see:

Donald Trump - a man without ideology - playing to your emotions.