The FBI vs. Apple

I confess to being an Apple aficionado. Actually I'm an Apple/Macintosh fanboy.  I like the operating system.  I admire the design.  And as the former Under Secretary of Homeland Security I admire and relish the encryption and privacy.

The FBI has admitted to choosing Apple and the San Bernardino shooting as the test case for breaking Apple's encryption code.  At least the FBI is being honest about why they chose this case - they think they can win the public relations battle with Apple because an act of terrorism surrounds that phone.

Disregard the 4th Amendment issue surrounding this issue for the time being.  Instead, think of an aspect that so far, no one in the media is discussing.

The FBI - along with the full force of the United States government - is trying to make a private company, Apple, develop software for it's own purposes.  Much like the federal government now mandates U.S. citizens to buy a private product (health insurance) the FBI is trying to force a private business to make a product for it.

That alone should cause citizens concern about an out-of-control federal government forcing it's will on private citizens - the shareholders, employees and customers of Apple, Inc.