Colorado GOP Caucus - Stop Lying About It

As I sat doing show prep today I listened to Rush Limbaugh and read through all of Donald Trump's tweets about the Colorado GOP "stole" delegates from him and "disenfranchised" voters.   Likewise, the Drudge Report had insanely stupid headlines about the entire process.  Drudge even tweeted that perhaps it was time to send George W. Bush into Colorado to secure fair and free elections for us.

Needless to say, the hyperbole is on overdrive.  

But rather than go into a personal diatribe about the stupidity of all of these claims, I want to let two other people speak for me today.

First, The Federalist has a great article about a Trump delegate who posted to YouTube, Facebook and other social media about how he was kept from voting at the caucus.  What Larry Wayne Lindsey fails to tell you in all of his rants is that he failed to follow through with his obligation as a Trump delegate and register and/or attend the county and congressional caucuses.  He disenfranchised himself.

You can read the "rest of his story" on The Federalist here.

But even more important is the first-hand story of Ari Armstrong.  Ari is a friend, a staunch libertarian, free-market kind of guy.  He changed his registration from unaffiliated to Republican precisely to participate in this year's caucus.  

Before anyone jumps to erroneous conclusions about the caucus being "fixed" for Cruz, or to oppose Trump, you should read Ari's first-hand account Setting the Record Straight About Colorado's Republican Caucus.

After reading these two accounts of what occurred in Colorado you still believe that somehow things were "rigged" against Trump, or in favor of Cruz, then you're smoking too much Colorado marijuana.