Liberty Lost At The School Pick Up Location

Tamara and I have on occasion taken our grandchildren to school or picked them up.  On every occasion that I can recall we have walked from their home to the school and vice-versa.  I've always looked at the line of cars waiting to pick up or drop of their children and thought how grateful I was that I could just walk over to the school and avoid the congestion of all those soccer mom vans waiting for their kids.

Apparently in a Houston suburban school district what I have done here in Colorado could result in trespassing charges.

Not much to add to this story except this:  what was law enforcement thinking wasting limited resources threatening a parent with trespassing charges for walking onto school grounds to pick up their kids?  You heard right - in the Magnolia school district you apparently can't walk onto the school grounds to retrieve or drop off your kids.

Watch the video here.

Give someone a little power, and they almost invariably abuse that power.  So much for schools serving parents and children.