Happy Tax Day. Why No Rebellion?

The worst part of the tax code - and that's hard to accomplish considering the entirety of the tax code - is automatic withholding of income taxes.  It creates a cognitive dissonance between people's innate distrust of government and the realization of just how badly they're being fleeced by that government.

Without automatic withholding people would have to come up with the amount of taxes they owe at once - and realizing just how large that amount is - would start paying attention to how those hard-earned dollars are spent.

But as Milton Friedman told us, Congress has no incentive to change things.  They live off the complexity and are able to hide behind the automatic withholding.  Their waste is prolific but they know no one will hold them accountable.  Republicans and Democrats alike are responsible for this travesty.

So until a candidate like Ted Cruz is elected President and he uses that Presidential bully pulpit to put pressure on Congress, expect to continue to pay more and more.

Just another reason I despise Congress.