Colorado Legislature's Primary Proposal Is Hogwash

Once again the Colorado legislature is proving what nincompoops they can be.  After all the hoopla over the caucus system they are proposing a presidential primary.  I am not opposed to a presidential primary.

What I am opposed to is a presidential primary that makes it easy for Democrats and unaffiliated (or for that matter, Republicans) to easily change their party registration in order to vote in a primary.  I particularly do not like the idea of making it easy for unaffiliated voters to sit on the fence as unaffiliated voters for most of their political life and then, bam, register to vote in a Republican (or Democrat) primary.

People who register unaffiliated are doing so to make a symbolic statement.  They generally don't believe there is an ounce of difference between the two parties; or, they have commitment issues and are unwilling to actually take a position.  Kinda' like warm spit.  Yuck.

The Denver Post is reporting tonight:

Republicans and Democrats will announce a plan for a Colorado presidential primary Thursday that would allow the state's unaffiliated voters to participate.

More than one-third of Colorado voters — the largest bloc — are not affiliated with a party. The legislative proposal would allow them to choose which party's primary they would wish to participate in.

Thirty days after the primary the registration would expire, said Rep. Dominick Moreno, a Democrat from Commerce City, one of the authors of the bill.

Why should unaffiliated voters - fence sitters - be allowed to swing by a primary, vote, and then swing right back out of a political party?  

The Colorado legislature is known for a lot of stupid things - ineffective gun laws that infringe the right to keep and bear arms, prohibition of sale of wine and alcohol in grocery stores, an email retention system that insures non-transparency of government affairs.  So I'm not surprised by this, but will push to have only closed primaries for the Democrat and Republican parties.