Trump Advises College Students To Surrounds Themselves With Losers

I remember vividly my father telling me as a young child that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up if I put my mind to it and learned from others.  My guess is most parents have at one time or another told their children similar things - work hard, surround yourself with smart people, find mentors in your chosen career, and you, too, can be successful.

Imagine my shock to hear the leading contender for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential race telling college students just the opposite - surround yourself with less successful people and you'll be the most interesting person at the dinner table.

Here's what Trump told the students:

What kind of person suggests such nonsense?  I personally know several billionaires - all of whom are wealthier than Donald Trump.  And while I have never had a similar conversation with any of them, neither have I ever gleaned from any of our conversations that they believe the path to success is to surround yourself with unsuccessful people.  

Donald Trump personifies the ugly underbelly of American culture - get your share whatever the cost.  

I want everyone to be as successful as possible.  Whatever gifts God has given you, you should use those talents wisely and to your benefit.  It's not being selfish, it's being a good steward of the God-given gifts you have.

To suggest to college students to surround themselves with people less successful so that you can be the cool kid at the table is, well, despicable.

We already have a self-absorbed, narcissistic, insecure man-child in the White House.  We don't need another.