Switzerland - Despite Low Crime The Swiss Want More Guns

The United States Constitution's Second Amendment embodies the God-given, natural right of self-defense.  That "individual right" to keep and bear arms was affirmed in the U.S. Supreme Court's Heller decision.  That decision not only affirmed the individual right to keep and bear arms, but is a great historical recitation of the background of the 2nd Amendment.  I would encourage anyone - whether you're pro-gun or anti-gun - to read the decision for it's historical analysis of the 2nd Amendment.

But unlike Americans, the Swiss only enjoy a natural right of self-defense and don't have a codification of that right.  However, the Swiss enjoy a culture that is accepting of firearms and self-defense because of its militia army.  The Swiss defense ministry estimates there are at least 2 million guns in private hands in a population of 8 million.  

In an article about a spike in increased gun ownership and gun permits, SwissInfo points out that despite lower crime rates, the Swiss are obtaining an increasing number of firearm permits.  A survey of gun permit applications indicates a rise in permit applications throughout the country:

As we witness an influx of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern and Northern African nations into Europe, I would imagine many Swiss citizens have taken it upon themselves to be prepared for an influx of people who do not share their culture or values.  They witness the bombings and terror attacks in Brussels, Paris, London, Madrid, and become more and more determined to protect themselves.

it is my contention that one of the unintended consequences of the failure to properly assimilate a culture that does not share Western values is a determination of the peoples of Western civilizations to protect themselves, their families and communities.

So while the Swiss may have various reasons for a spike in firearm permits, no one is asking the more important, and politically incorrect question, of what is the cause of such a spike in firearm purchases and permits?

My guess would be an influx of Islamic migrants who have ulterior motives other than escaping war-torn Syria, but rather to further the establishment of a caliphate in Western Europe.  

At least the Swiss are arming themselves.