Trump Panders To Hispanics on Cinco De Mayo

I always found it absurd to claim to have "black" friends or "Hispanic" friends or any other ethnicity as friends in order to prove that you're not racist.  Donald Trump has taken that adage to a new, absurd level on Cinco de Mayo.

At first I thought this was a parody account and had to double check to make certain it wasn't.  It isn't.  It's really Donald Trump, eating a "taco bowl" and proclaiming that therefore "I love Hispanics."

Somehow I doubt the pandering condescension that drips from this cheesy Donald Trump Cinco de Mayo tweet will do much to turn around his 80% unfavorability with Hispanics.

I can't wait until Black History Month or any other ethnic holiday or moment.  Imagine the possibilities.  

And if you don't get how bad this is, take it to any public relations person and ask them if they'd recommend such a stunt.  

For the sake of the nation, someone take away Donald Trump's iPhone or whatever he's using to tweet.