The Michael Brown Show Foundation

Michael Brown Foundation

The Michael Brown Show Foundation is a Colorado non-profit corporation. The Foundation was born from a listener’s email to The Michael Brown Show about a disabled Vietnam-era veteran about to lose his home to foreclosure while battling medical issues with the Veterans Administration. That email led to the initial fundraising effort of the Foundation which raised enough money to payoff the veteran’s mortgage and reclaim his pickup truck from a mechanic’s garage where it had been sent for a rebuilt transmission.

The Foundation’s Origins

Since then the Foundation has provided in-kind contributions such as ski passes and a cash gift card for a Gold Star family to enjoy a weekend of skiing. That contribution was from a listener whose son is serving the United States in Afghanistan. The Foundation has also provided temporary housing for an unemployed radio news voice who we discovered sleeping in her truck in the middle of one of the coldest streaks of Colorado weather.

The purpose of The Michael Brown Show Foundation is to provide assistance when individual situations present themselves by listeners or fans of Michael Brown’s show. Our foundation is small, but effective. We have no overhead. All contributions go toward the assistance that the Foundation’s directors find to be of a particular nature where we can be most effective. We don’t look for those giant, broad-based situations. We focus on individual, specific cases where the listeners of the program, and donors to the Foundation, can provide direct, effective assistance, that has an immediate and positive impact on the life of an individual or family.

Contributions are always welcome, as needs are always present. We have applied for tax exempt status under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service, but have not yet received approval of our 501(c)(3) application. Contributions are not yet tax deductible. We will update our tax exempt status as soon as it is approved. Contributions are always accepted as we always have needs that fly under the radar that large foundations or charitable organizations miss.

If you would like to contribute, please use any of the opportunities above to contribute.