It’s a word we don’t use often enough, or fully understand

It’s a word we don’t use often enough, or fully understand.

Resilience in its most basic form is a person’s or organization’s capacity to recover quickly and completely from adversity, whether internal or external.  I like to think of resilience as the ability of you and me, or our organizations, to spring back from adversity even stronger than before.

My Story

I know what resilience is because I had to draw upon it in a very public, and often humiliating, adverse period in my life.  You probably read or saw something about that – Hurricane Katrina.  It was the most devastating time of my life played out in the media, congressional hearings, and ad hominem attacks.  Some of it was justified, some was not.  But whether any of it was justified or not is immaterial.

It’s how I responded, what I learned, and how I thrived after that horrific period that gives me organic credibility to talk about personal and organizational resilience.

We live in a world where everything is subject to scrutiny by anonymous commentators, reviewers, a media that is sometimes too lazy or inept to search for the truth.  And most importantly, you and your organization live in that same world.  At any moment you could find yourself in a situation like mine.

Do you know how to make yourself resilient? Do you know how to create and maintain a resilient organization?  I do, and can show you, your employees, your partners, vendors, all of those around you how to draw on a well of resilience that exists in each of us, but oftentimes gets buried in self-pity, or hides in the darkness away from the klieg lights of an omnipresent media.

Jewish tradition says that a scapegoat was the way to rid the village of its sins. Cast all the sins upon the goat, throw the goat over the cliff, and wipe your hands of your sins.

You might be a scapegoat. You might be thrown over the cliff.

But that doesn’t mean you must lie wounded, dead or scared to refuse being a scapegoat.

Resilience will empower you, your organization, your employees and those around you to thrive even when you think that’s impossible.

Resilience will also prepare you for that moment that most people believe will never come – that moment, either personally or professionally, when resilience is the only thing that will bring out the other side a stronger, better leader, person, organization.

Let’s talk about you and your organization and how to be resilient.

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