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Michael Brown was an outstanding speaker for our cybersecurity conference in the UAE. Michael was so engaging that he was able to take an audience reticent to ask questions and got them to vigorously engage in a Q&A session that was just as intriguing as his keynote address itself.

I highly recommend Michael to any group wanting a keynote speaker to address personal resilience, insight into how government works, and how to manage both personal and corporate crisis. His experiences provide a unique insight that your audience will find amazingly engaging.

Billa Bhandari

President, GoSecure

Michael Brown’s presentation transcended the multiple countries, languages and delegates at this venue. He spoke from the heart and everyone was enthralled with his dedication to help people in need & the fact he was not the typical “former federal employee” with a superiority complex. His personality and delivery made for an exciting and robust exchange of ideas. Michael’s presence encouraged the delegates to think beyond their finger tip, stretch for new ideas and be willing to learn from past mistakes. His participation in IDER is still considered the highlight of all IDER programs. Yes, Michael Brown is a tried and true professional in his field – however he can discuss topics with head’s of state and a volunteer ambulance driver and make both feel they are the most important person in the disaster arena. Michael is gifted, talented and has a fantastic message everyone in must hear! O.

Publication, INternational Crises Response Jounal

Michael Brown was the keynote speaker at our annual conference held in Newport, RI. He was one of the best received speakers we have ever had. He knew his audience and connected with them immediately. Michael was direct and to the point and was very candid about lessons learned, the value of communications and the importance of preparedness. I would highly recommend Michael Brown to speak to any corporation or organization. C.G.

President, Nedrix Conference, Newport, Rhode Island

Michael spoke at our Constitution Week and the audience was enthralled. Not only was he on point and met our expectations, his Q&A session was remarkable. He gave our audience incredible insight into government, politics and most importantly, his own personal experience. He held nothing back. T.G.

Event Planner, Constitution Week

Michael Brown came to our ‘Floodfighters Conference’ in the UK and immediately engaged with the delegates on the issues that he faced during the “Hurricane Katrina” period. This major International Conference on the strategic and tactical matters involved in flood and disaster response, at Warwick University, UK, whose audience was predominantly from the First Responder background, HM Government and senior strategic UK managers was highly challenging and eager for information on such a catastrophic event. Mr. Brown gave a hugely honest direct presentation that delved into the facts surrounding the Hurricane Katrina disaster, which facilitated greater understanding of the events during which the audience warmed and responded to Michael’s clear presentation and style. He didn’t move away from either difficult topics or challenging questions, of which there were a high number, in his presentation or answers and handled all the issues with grace, reasoned answers and great warmth and charm.

Many afterwards commented on their new found respect for Mr. Brown to have traveled so far and face such a knowledgeable and professional audience with such aplomb and dignity. Our audience made it very clearly known that his presentation and presence had truly enriched the whole experience. C.L.

London Floodfighters